Based on my academic background and a willingness to continuously learn and develop throughout the last 16+ years, I have gathered strong expertise in the following areas: 

  • Entrepreneurship, Private Equity, Startups & Venture Capital
  • Achieving Sustainable High Growth & Predictable Revenue
  • B2B SaaS & Platform Business Models
  • Innovation & Digital Business Transformation
  • New Technologies
  • Corporate Venture Capital

Entrepreneurship, Startups & Venture Capital

The foundation of business is entrepreneurship. I have been privileged to spend the last 16+ years working with entrepreneurs, founders, startups and private equity investors.

As an investor and active board member, I help founders develop their ideas into thriving businesses, fuel the growth engine, raise money and exit their ventures.

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Achieving Sustainable High Growth

Aspiring founder teams thrive for winning big markets, disrupting entire industries, creating new digital business models, building competitive moats and essentially changing the way business is done today. In our highly competitive markets, management teams are required to lead their teams to high growth and predictable revenue. But entering a high growth phase comes with a lot of challenges and generating predictable revenues is often easier said than done.

As an investor and board director, I actively mentor management teams so they can transition their companies from initial traction to sustainable high growth and cope with the growth challenges ahead.

I have published FastScaling, a high growth handbook for founders, in which I show founders a smart path to building massively valuable businesses.

B2B SaaS & Platform Business Models

I have gathered in-depth knowledge and experience as regards B2B SaaS and platform business models.

Innovation & Digital Business Transformation

Digital technologies and business models are radically changing competitive dynamics across industries. In a digitised environment characterised by rapid and continual change, it is critical for organisations to be agile and quickly respond to new developments. But even more important than reacting to external developments is proactively embracing the opportunities that come with new digital technologies and digital business models. 

I help organisations survive and thrive in the world of The New Normal.

New Technologies

Change is the only constant. New digital technologies and business models are radically changing competitive dynamics across industries. I am keeping up with this change by following recent developments and being a lifelong learner. 

Corporate Venture Capital

Corporate venture capital (CVC) — corporations investing instartups — is supposed to create a win-win for both established corporations and startups. Startups can tap into the corporate assets thereby uncovering faster and more efficient opportunities to scale. Established corporations can generate awareness within the organisation about new technologies, market trends and potential industry disruptors and can capture value by being shareholders in successful startups or becoming the disruptors themselves.

But the worlds of startups and corporations are not always easy to combine. After a period of initial enthusiasm, many corporate venture capital units falter or close, failing to achieve either financial or strategic returns.

Based on my vast experience advising corporations in connection with their venturing activities and establishing the METRO Group CVC Unit, I have learned that observing some guiding principles can significantly improve the CVC success rate.

I have been elaborating on these guiding principles as a guest lecturer and have been sharing my CVC playbook in articles published on Medium, the MIT Sloan Management Review and the Global Corporate Venturing Magazine.